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"We moved away after college, but came back because we loved it so much."
Starla & Pat Ivey and family

Columbia's Cost of Living

Columbia consistently ranks below the national average for the cost of living. Columbia also enjoys an abundance of affordable housing in safe, friendly neighborhoods. For additional information about the Cost of Living Index, contact the Chamber office or call us at 573-874-1132.

Area Composite Index Grocery Items Housing Utilities Trans. Health Care Misc. Goods & Services
Columbia, MO 91.2 95.15 80.4 90.7 96.1 96.3 96.7
Kansas City, MO 99.4 98.8 89.9 110.1 98.7 97.2 105.2
Iowa City, IA 100.3 99.3 100.1 88.1 107 97.1 103
St. Louis, MO 91.1 95.1 75.3 104.4 98.3 98.9 95.6
New York, NY 218.8 148.7 413.5 143.7 122.9 128 144

*above information taken from ACCA Cost of Living Index: 2011 Annual Average Data, Published January 2012

ACCRA, the Council for Community & Economic Research, produces the Cost of Living Index to provide a useful and reasonably accurate measure of living cost differences among urban areas in the United States. The Index is conducted quarterly for over 300 participating cities and is based on 59 items that are standardized and chosen to reflect the different categories of consumer expenditure patterns for mid-management households. It measures relative price levels for consumer goods and services. The average for all participating areas equals 100 and each participant's index is read as a percentage of the average for all places.

The composite index is based on six weighted components: grocery, housing, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods/services. The Index does not measure inflation (price change over time). Because each quarterly report is a separate comparison of prices at a single point in time, and because both the number and mix of participants may change from one quarter to the next, index data from different quarters cannot be compared to each other.