Leadership Columbia

Those selected are required to fully participate in the 12-session curriculum which includes panel discussions, tours, hands-on experience, one-on-one interaction with current community leaders, and activities specifically designed to expose participants to all aspects of the topics covered in each session. Each session begins with an hour focused on leadership style and skills development, followed by in-depth exploration of a particular industry area. Industry areas include Social Services, Education, Healthcare, Development & Industry, Media, State Government, City/County Government, Arts & Recreation, and Life Sciences & Agriculture.

The Leadership Columbia program begins with a Retreat in late January and meets for a full day, every-other week. The program concludes in June with a closing session and Graduation banquet. Applications are available each year in September and are due back in October. Applications are disbursed via Chamber publications and the website. To be placed on a list to receive an application for the next class when it becomes available, please contact Jolyn Sattizahn, Vice President of Community Affairs at [email protected] or (573) 817-9112.


Junior Leadership Columbia

Junior Leadership Columbia (JLC) is an exciting annual program for high school juniors put on by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. The 9-month motivates students and develops their potential for future community leadership by acquainting participants with the opportunities, realities and challenges of the Columbia community. In JLC, students participate in training surrounding eight characteristics crucial to leadership: Advocacy, Ambition, Commitment, Courage, Creativity, Innovation, Integrity, and Personal Responsibility. Additionally, students learn about the business community, and are exposed to a number of sectors relative to topics such as community involvement, media, state government, civil service, health, and more.

Junior Leadership Columbia is a selective program for which 25 students are invited to participate each year. Applications are distributed in late February each year and are due back in March. Eligible students include any Columbia high school student who

will be a junior in the following school year. The only direct cost for a student to participate in Junior Leadership Columbia a $25 non-refundable application fee.

The Junior Leadership Columbia program begins in late August of each year, and consists of eight Monday evening sessions from 5:00 – 7:30pm, one Saturday service project, one morning at the March Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Membership Breakfast and Business Showcase, and one full day field trip to the State Capitol in Jefferson City. The program concludes with a graduation banquet in April for all students who have met the graduation requirements. Contact Jolyn Sattizahn, Vice President of Community Affairs with any questions regarding Junior Leadership Columbia at [email protected] or (573) 817-9112.