COVID-19  Resources

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving our business community as we continue to navigate this time of uncertainty together. For your access, we have collected resources for businesses and individuals below. Each page is updated as information becomes available. 

During this time of uncertainty, we understand the value of information and resources. Our Chamber is tirelessly working for our community as we continue through this delicate and impactful situation. 

What we do best we do together.

Call the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services 24-hour hotline at 877-435-8411, if you are need of immediate help.

If you have specific COVID-19 questions for Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services email [email protected]

An open letter to the membership of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

As we grapple with the current complex challenges, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce continues to serve as a champion for business, work as a convener of inclusive collaboration, and be a catalyst for a thriving community. We are reaffirming our commitment to our businesses and community- the heart of everything we work for.

In the past few weeks during conversations over local orders, the Chamber successfully advocated for businesses to remain essential, for retail curbside service to begin early, and for the building permit process to reopen. The Chamber, along with REDI, assisted in facilitating a meeting with 12 industry sectors to advise Public Health and Human Services on their Road to Recovery.

We will continue to be inclusive on initiatives and provide a dialogue with our community partners, including the City of Columbia and Boone County. Our dialogue will represent our members’ daily challenges and their need to operate successfully and responsibly. Our community partnerships have proven to be the best way to promote a favorable economic environment and allow the Chamber to serve as an advocate for our business community.

As we move ahead, we will support clear public health protocols that allow businesses to reopen and operate safely while avoiding outcomes that may have a more detrimental effect on our community.

Through town halls, training, webinars, legislative updates, and our COVID-19 Resource pages, we are guiding business owners with relevant knowledge to operate your business and lead your employees effectively.

We know that businesses, employees, and families are feeling overwhelmed by the emotional, mental, and financial stress caused by our current circumstances. We are heartened by businesses’ and organizations’ resilience and their commitment to helping others. Without your drive and creativity, Columbia would not be the unique place it is to live, learn, work, and play.

The leadership of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce will continue keeping you informed, safe, and represented, for your success and the success of our entire community.

Remember, what we do best, we do together.

Matt Garrett, Chair of the Board, Columbia Chamber of Commerce